Cryptocurrency Poker 2022

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Playing poker with cryptocurrencies?

To say that you can pay with a cryptocurrency in very many places would be at least an exaggeration. But they do exist and they are not so few: Bars, hotels and stores that accept a cryptocurrency as a means of payment. And they are also sometimes accepted on digital platforms. Online poker platforms are one example. Here at the latest, however, you will have to ask yourself what you actually get out of playing poker online with a cryptocurrency instead of with classic money.

The main advantages of cryptocurrency are relatively low fees for transactions, as well as a high level of security, the ability to enter a game very easily anywhere in the world, and the anonymity of payments. The latter means that, at least for payments, you don't have to use any personal data to play a game of Texas Holdem Poker or Seven Card Stud on the Internet.

Another advantage that is sometimes mentioned is the lack of regulation for cryptocurrencies. But it is important to pay close attention here: Cryptocurrencies are still relatively young. Many states do not yet know exactly how to deal with them. But they are dealing with them. Uncertainty therefore remains here as to what regulations they will develop and what exactly the consequences will be.

A separate currency for poker online

Some concepts for playing poker with cryptocurrencies go far beyond accepting cryptocurrencies as one of several possible payment methods. Some platforms where you can play poker have moved to working with their completely own cryptocurrency. Such currencies have names like Breakout Coin or CoinPoker (CHP). Such platforms for poker online also cite anonymity and fast payouts and transactions as advantages of cryptocurrency. The providers occupy rather niches so far. However, they are by no means small and completely insignificant. And it will be interesting to follow their path further.

Is this the future?

At the moment, it's hard to imagine that cryptocurrencies will completely or at least almost completely replace classic currencies (US dollars, euros) in online poker. On the other hand, you see the launch of various projects with serious teams behind them and think: Something is happening. Something exciting.

Possibly a lot depends on how the discussion around cryptocurrencies in general evolves. As long as they are primarily seen as a speculative object with which, at best, you can earn a lot of money in a short time due to rising prices, their acceptance as a means of payment is likely to remain limited, even on online poker platforms.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies have set something in motion that could lead to a renewed discussion about fundamental questions on a broad level: What actually is money? And what and who determines its value? And that certainly has the potential to change online poker for good. And not only online poker.