Blockchain Poker Review

Blockchain Poker Review for 2023

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2) Review

You won't be surprised after hearing that Blockchain Poker is a cryptopoker site. What drew our attention is that they opened their doors in 2016 but haven't become any popular on the market.

It has become standard for U.S.-facing online gaming operators to accept digital coins, but most of them exchange your coins for dollars to play with and then perform this conversion in reverse when it's time to request a payout. Not so at Blockchain Poker because your crypto assets remain intact without having to go through any exchange.

3) Bonuses

New players at Blockchain.Poker automatically receive 100 satoshis to play with. If your account balance ever runs out, simply click the little birthday cake icon next to your bankroll balance and your no deposit bonus will be ‘topped up’ instantly to 100 satoshis – no strings attached. Money awarded from the Blockchain Poker Bitcoin faucet may be used to play in all cash games and tournaments on the gambling site’s poker platform.

4) Rakeback

You can check the rakeback deals from the Blockchain Poker Menu -> Rewards. In a nutshell your rakeback goes from 0 % to even up to 50 % like the following table.

  1. For 100k points – You get 100 Chips (1 % rakeback)
  2. For 250k points – You get 500 Chips (2 % rakeback)
  3. For 500k points – You get 1500 Chips (3 % rakeback)
  4. For 2500k points – You get 10k Chips (4 % rakeback)
  5. For 10M points – You get 50k Chips (5 % rakeback)
  6. For 25M points – You get 250k Chips (10 % rakeback)
  7. For 50M points – You get 750k Chips (15 % rakeback)
  8. For 150M points – You get 3000k Chips (20 % rakeback)
  9. For 300M points – You get 7500k Chips (25 % rakeback)
  10. For 600M points – You get 18M Chips (40 % rakeback)
  11. For 2000M points – You get 100M Chips (50 % rakeback)

5) Featured Blockchain Poker Games

Blockchain Poker offers public and private poker tables. This is an excellent feature if you want to play among friends. Even if your friends are far away you can still bond and play with them with these private tournaments. You can even set your limit in these tournaments. In fact, you can even create your own room where other players can come and join. They do have a limit of 6 to 9 players depending on your choice.

There are also Cash Games. About 15 cash game tables are open with mostly 9 seats. However, these tables are always full. If you want to climb up stakes this is quite interesting. Sit n Go tournaments allow 3 to 9 seats. You can join and “Sit” to start playing. There are also great options by which you can win here. While there is less chance you will reach that amount, you will somehow enjoy playing it to relax.

5) Blockchain Poker in mobile devices

Blockchain Poker works ok in mobile devices both in vertical and horizontal mode. I used my iPhone XS in the tests, but there shouldn’t be a problem with other devices. The interface is really light with basic graphics and loads fast.

Sometimes when clicking the bet size higher with faster clicks, the browser went to zoom in with double click. But using the bet slider helped in this. No problems in mobile usage otherwise, great job!

6) Fairness

Blockchain Poker uses OpenSSL’s RAND_bytes to generate random numbers from a CSPRNG. Rejection sampling is used to avoid modulo bias while converting the bytes into integers needed for a Fisher-Yates shuffle, which is performed on the deck immediately before each street is dealt.

Blockchain.Poker is releasing a provably fair tool in 2021 that gives players the ability to check the validity of each BTC, BCH, or BSV poker hand.

7) FAQ

Is Blockchain.Poker legit?

Yes. Blockchain.Poker has implemented numerous policies to keep your funds, personal identity, and poker playing experience completely safe.

What is Blockchain poker?

Blockchain Poker is an online poker room founded in 2016 where you can play cash games, sit n go and regular tournaments with cryptocurrencies. The only poker type is No Limit Hold’em at the moment.

Does Blockchain poker offer rakeback?

Yes, you can check the rakeback deals from the Blockchain Poker Menu -> Rewards. In a nutshell your rakeback goes from 0 % to even up to 50 % like the following table.

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