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At you will find real bonus experiences from players for players! We use similar evaluation criteria as some of our competitors, but with us you benefit from a certain plus in authenticity and real initiative.

It is very important to not only focus on the bonus alone, but on the entire bookie. For example, a great percentage with a high bonus amount and very fair turnover conditions are of no use to you at all if the bookmaker offering the bonus is customer-unfriendly in other areas or acts as a dubious betting provider and thus a payout of winnings is generally questionable.

For example, we always contact the customer service and test their competence and friendliness. No detail, no matter how small, but perhaps very important, should remain hidden from you. So we mercilessly look into the seriousness, security, usability and other central aspects for an all-round relaxed betting experience.

Some other info sites can also come up with subjective experiences. - However, we approach the evaluation of bookmakers with a large team of real sports betting experts and are guaranteed to always try out all features thoroughly, which usually results in the most satisfied readers.

You can rely on us to provide you with highly detailed data and reliable reports based on it.

We don't just log on to the bookie and look at the payment methods that are basically available and how the transfer procedure works in theory. We try all this out in practice, activate the welcome bonus and bet with the bonus money as well as real money. This way you get information that none of our competitors can offer you!

After the analysis work, we have an overall rating for each bonus or provider. This in turn flows into our extensive database. A simple but highly informative points system is then used to draw up the final sports betting bonus comparison. Of course, you will always find the best bonuses and betting providers at the top of our ranking. Elementary facts about the respective deal are already provided in the overview, so that you can quickly decide whether an online betting bonus is at all suitable for you or not.

Now, it is of course the case that the different bonus offers can change from time to time. Therefore, we regularly check their validity at various levels. For you, we check whether the respective bonus is generally still available and go through the terms and conditions to see whether something has changed in the fine print.

In addition, our work brings us into contact with the bookies' customer services and decision-makers again and again. So it happens more often that we can get an exclusive betting provider bonus for you, which may offer better conditions than the standard deal.