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Thunderpick Review for 2023

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2) Review

Thunderpick is a fairly new bookmaker that you don't know you need yet. Here you get a large selection of bets from the field of e-sports, but also ordinary sports and arcade games. The highlight: instead of exploiting odds set by the bookie, you compete directly against other bettors and only pay a fee if you win. After reading my Thunderpick review, you will want to go this new way.

2) Welcome bonus

Maybe it's because of the mutual betting that there is no classic Thunderpick bonus for new customers. So you don't get any bonus money as a welcome gift, which you then have to wager several times as usual.

But that doesn't mean you have to completely miss out on a starter goodie. In a way, this Thunderpick sports betting bonus is even more attractive because you get a real money gift. The key here is the provider's "referral" system, where the large community hunts for customers on their own. Anyone can refer other users and invite them to Thunderpick. If you enter an appropriate referral code before your first deposit (just ask in the chat), you get 5% up to 500 euros for free with no additional requirements. The referral code is an individual code that refers to you and is then used by the customer you refer to sign up. For example, if you deposit 100 euros, you get 5 euros for free, and if you deposit the maximum amount of 10,000 euros, you get 500 euros for free.

3) VIP & Loyalty Programme

Immediately after registering, you should notice the bronze-coloured progress bar in the top right-hand corner. This is filled with Rank Points (RP) and offers you variable quests through which you can obtain these points. The ranks increase from bronze to silver, gold, diamond and "Challenger", with each rank having five levels from V to I. Your achievements always count towards the rank. Your achievements over the last 30 days are always taken into account. The "Challenger" rank is dedicated to the ten most active players in the last 24 hours in the whole of Thunderpick, who can be reverently looked up on the glorious leaderboard.

In addition to the quests, you receive Rank Points for placing bets, whereby one Thundercoin corresponds to one RP. In addition, you will receive RPs equal to the deposits of your promoted players and, after linking to your Steam account, 50 to 1500 RP daily, depending on your rank, if you add "" to your nickname.

You then diligently and transparently collect loyalty points and are rewarded daily with rewards. Depending on your rank, these are five prize draws for gift cards or real money, whereby you also always take part in the promotions below you. However, you have to enter manually every day. More benefits are to follow soon, according to Thunderpick.

4) Thunderpick App for iPhone, Android & iPad (no download) - What does the Thunderpick App offer?

Thanks to PWA technology, the Thunderpick website is already a hybrid with the smartphone version. As an iOS user you are dependent on the browser app, with an Android you can click on the three dots from there and load the sports betting app onto the home screen, which above all removes the browser address bar.

The bookie states that the app is characterised by better speed, with faster loading and smooth animations. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm either of these in my Thunderpick experiences on the iPhone. On the contrary, the page is noticeably slower and inputs have a slight delay. This improved after a while.

I was also able to use all the features of the desktop site on the smartphone and most of it was in the same or only slightly different design. The betting pool is not displayed as nicely and you do not immediately see how many betting markets are available per duel. You can only access the live mode via a drop-down menu and the streams are not running here either. However, you will find your way around immediately and have a good option for not missing any e-sports events on the go.

5) Live Betting

Thunderpick also offers you live in-play betting, but paradoxically this tends to reduce the fun of the game. Usually, sports betting really gets going after kick-off and the live feeds combined with the constantly updated betting options convey dynamism and action.

According to my Thunderpick experience, this is unfortunately not the case, as the odds change to the usual bookmaker odds at the start of the match. Then the unique selling point of "parimutuel betting" is lost and it's theirs against the bank again. In the motion sports, there are similarly few live matches as there already are, and these few matches are hardly upgraded with additional features.

6) Operation & Design

The design of Thunderpick is excellent and less reminiscent of a classic bookmaker than of a computer game. Menus and the chat can be folded out, superfluous elements have been dispensed with.

You can find all the betting options immediately (if only because there aren't that many of them) and you can quickly access information about your playing behaviour in the player account. The avatars, decorated with ranks, look strong and the progress bar in the top right corner is always in view. Sometimes there is a lack of contrast between the anthracite background and the grey font, and the copyright and licence info in the footer are noticeably too small.

7) FAQ

How much bonus credit does the Thunderpick give?

With a bonus value of 5% a maximum of 500€ is promised.

Is Thunderpick a PayPal bookmaker?

No, Thunderpick is not a PayPal bookmaker. At Thunderpick, you can only carry out transactions via cryptocurrency. However, BTC and Co. can of course be purchased via PayPal.

How long does a payout take at Thunderpick?

Payouts are made immediately. There is also no KYC standing between you and your winnings.

Does Thunderpick have a casino?

Yes, Thunderpick is a eSports provider with a casino - and the offer there is truly more than impressive.

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